Photographs speak thousands of languages, only if you will play it by eyes

I mumbled, and I fumbled, I cried at emptied walls and then woke up to the same routine. Time and again, I only wanted to make a difference to an average body, an average soul and an average brain. I did what led me to follow the herd of millions. The fear of facing the results of experimenting that is completely unique, had me for life.  At least, that's what it seemed for me. The fear is not about excelling in academic career, or being good at socialising, rather it is the opposite. It's the fear of being just an average person. It does to you to stay afloat just enough times until you gasp more and more.

What does to an average person is certainly not frowned upon but is certainly considered “less popular”. If you don’t perform well in sport, you'd get a bench for yourself rather than a squad of winners. If you don’t score within striking distance, you are considered to be a mediocre. If your art is not recognised by an affiliated art school or competition, you are considered non-creative. To rather stand out, you need some platform. I gained all possible platforms my parents could garner for my excellence. They slogged hard enough to get me to the perfect start of my academic career. I have had a pretty good life considering at what I longed for. I never settled for anything less than I had asked for. So why could I never be satisfied with my skills. Just why?...

Managing myself across thunderstorms in academic career, I landed at MBA school in New York. I considered it to be a second phase of my schooling and yet again I did not manage to fair beyond average. Guess, the stigma of averaging holds strong for rest of the average lifetime, haha. Yet again, I am lost in the herd of millions, striving to get a real good traction in my career. 

One day, I just decided to take a plunge and saw myself standing in front of vast Serengeti plains. In all its glory, it meant something more than living a dreary routine life. I began to see myself as a contributor rather than just acting out as a server. I felt the need to contribute something more than the usual, especially towards nature, wildlife and planet earth. The idea is quite simple - Cultivate, Nurture and Captivate ideas through art, connecting the dots of artistic world.

Here I am, travelling thousands and thousands of miles across globe to find that one true moment that redefines and shapes our creative world. I am still on the hunt and my salvation lies in translating that moment onto photographs.

I am now more determined than ever, beating odds against crazy, tiresome journeys until I break my bones, until my arms give up and until my eyes seek peace. I am not giving up until the beats of my heart are in sync with the beats of the sacred nature. 

This is the beginning of my journey to our creative world.......

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